Desk Snacks That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

While people around the world keep arguing on the pros and cons of snacking habits, we still can’t resist having some chips or Cheetos between meals. Often, the chaotic lifestyle makes us grab a snack or two after training or during office time. Unfortunately, the bad habit of unconscious eating can lead to some severe health issues.

Desk Snacks That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

If your snacking choice is always some croissants or hotdogs because you seek energy and strength for work, you will probably gain a few extra pounds shortly. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor what you eat during the day. Let’s talk about a few great snacking options you can store on your desk that will bring you perks only.

Snacks Will Not Replace Your Lunch

The old traditions to eat three times a day at a particular time gradually fade into the background. On the contrary, many diet specialists insist that in order to reduce candida or other health ailments, eating small portions throughout the day keeps your body healthy.

The basic rule of snacking is that it should not be higher in calories than your main meal for lunch or dinner. The primary purpose of snacking is to stop your food cravings and prevent you from overeating in the evening.

Why is it essential to have a snack? If you do not eat some food for a long time, a difference in blood glucose levels often occurs.

It is the main reason we start feeling weak and drained out. Besides, the inconsistency in your food regime can disrupt your metabolism and lead to weight gain.

Thus, it is essential to understand that you can’t replace a full meal with a snack. A snack is a small but still nutritious meal that should not exceed two hundred calories on average. Its purpose is, first and foremost, to prevent your body from becoming exhausted before the time for a full meal comes.

Most nutritionists strongly advise not to snack too often, leaving the opportunity for taking bite-size foods a couple of hours before lunch or dinner. This way, you will still be in control of your meal schedule without leaving out a chance to eat an additional candy bar.

If you want to monitor your diet, there is a small fact that you need to remember first. Our stomach in volume usually does not exceed half a liter when empty. If you eat more than necessary, it stretches under the weight of the food.

It leads to eating more every next time to get a feeling of fullness. Unfortunately, this specific feature affects not only the size of your jeans but also causes the slowdown of your metabolism, feelings of fatigue, lack of energy, and stomach problems.

According to The New York Post , the feeling of fullness will not arrive earlier than fifteen to twenty minutes after eating. Your brain needs extra time to realize your actions, so do not rush to consume another snack once you finish the first one.

What Is a Healthy Snack?

According to The Washington Post , a healthy snack should contain a significant amount of protein and complex carbohydrates. It will help to provide long-term and necessary energy for your work and will not let you overeat at the same time.

Protein will also help to increase metabolism and build muscles if you exercise regularly. If you find it challenging to choose the right products for snacking at work, here are a few options to note.


Nuts have a crazy amount of beneficial substances for the body. It is a superfood that provides vitamins, such as potassium and magnesium, to one’s body. That’s why it is best to store nuts as snacks instead of sweets on your table.

According to Vogue , nuts can quickly saturate the body with the necessary nutrients and increase your concentration, brain focus, and performance. At the same time, there are different types of nuts, and you can choose your favorite ones, thus, diversifying your diet. However, refrain from eating the entire package at once because, in large quantities, nuts are more likely to harm your organism than bring benefits.

Low-Carb Protein Bars

We all do not want to addle our heads with preparations of foods and snacks for every next day. That’s why the quickest and simplest way to snack is to buy something at the nearest store.

Unfortunately, things go a little bit more perplexing when it comes to choosing a good protein bar. Many companies use false advertising, proclaiming their foods as healthy snacks that turn out to contain as much sugar and calories as Snickers or Mars bars.

That’s why it is essential to check the list of contents to make sure that your snack does not contain unhealthy ingredients. When it comes to protein bars, the best ingredients are nuts, dried fruits, and cereal flakes. Thanks to these ingredients, the amount of protein in the bar will be enough to give you enough energy and nurture your body.

There are plenty of healthy low-carb protein bars to choose from on the market. Such products also come in handy after a workout or when you don’t have time to eat properly.

As mentioned earlier, protein provides us with energy, becomes a building material for the muscles, and improves metabolism. Such a small meal will dull the edge of one’s appetite quickly. And the variety of protein bars available will not let you get bored of the same snacks.

Protein Coffee

Quite a few people live on a few cups of coffee per day to stay in focus. In today’s reality, we can’t do much about it. Opting for a protein-rich coffee may be a great way to enjoy your favorite drink, gaining maximum benefits from it.

According to CompleteNutrition , such a mix helps to reduce the negative effect of coffee on the body, balancing the levels of hormones and especially cortisol in your organism. It also helps to control your body weight and ensures that you receive enough protein during the day. I have personally used this brand and can confirm that drinking protein coffee by Complete Nutrition helped me to stay focused and not think about sweets between my main meals.

Diet is All about Eating Smart

The rhythm in which a modern person lives is quite chaotic and unpredictable. Because of this, people may lose their sense of time, not fully realizing that the day is coming to an end, and they have not yet had their lunches. Thus, one may be grabbing some snacks at work and consider them real meals.

Unfortunately, snacking will not help in any way in losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle if you eat unhealthy products or simply too much. Still, eating smart will ensure that you enhance your energy levels, focus, and productivity.

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