4 Tips to Increase Space in a Smaller Home

4 Tips to Increase Space in a Smaller Home

Storage is at a premium when you live in a small home, and you probably have little room to grow. Making the most of your space will help alleviate stress and keep your home tidy. Even if your house has no more bedrooms or storage spaces, there are ways to add more space.

Some tricks can help you utilize your space better without building an extension or moving into a bigger house. In a smaller home, it is essential to get organized and declutter as much as possible. When we keep things tidy and organized, we also save time by not looking for things all the time.

Here are 4 tips to increase the space in a smaller home.

Move seasonal clothing and decor into storage

Seasonal clothing and decorations can be put into storage during non-peak seasons. For example, you can store your winter coats and sweaters in a storage unit during the summer. Keeping seasonal clothing out of sight will help you make the most of your space in a smaller home.

For decor, you can store items in boxes and put them into storage too. Using a storage area can help you find a good deal on local storage units.

Utilize awkward spaces

Awkward spaces like the underside of a staircase , the wall behind the toilet, and the area above the fridge can be utilized to save space in a smaller home. Store cleaning supplies, towels, and other items not used daily in the toilet area above the toilet. You can also store extra toilet paper in this area.

Place decorative items like books and boxes behind the staircase to save space in a smaller home. Additionally, you can use this area for storage if it can be accessed easily. If you have room above the fridge, use it to store infrequently used items.

Some people even use a mini staircase to declutter this space. If you have a walk-in closet, you can utilize the area above the door to store items you don’t need often. You can also use the space inside the closet by hanging boxed storage to increase shelving space.

Go Vertical

Utilizing wall space will help you make the most of the area in a smaller home. You can use wall-mounted plate holders to declutter your kitchen counters. You can also use hooks and hangers to store your coats, bags, and other items in your closet.

Organize your craft supplies by using wall-mounted containers that are easily accessible. You can also use the wall space above your bed to store items like books, luggage, and other things you use frequently. Wall-mounted shelves are also great for storing books and decorative items like plants and figurines.

Don’t forget about the space above the doorways

The area above your doorways is excellent for storing seasonal clothing and other items. Most people don’t look above doors, especially in the bedroom, meaning it is a valuable space that is otherwise overlooked. So add a shelf and increase the storage quickly.

You can also use this area to display decorative items like framed photos and artwork when you don’t have wall space.


Even if you live in a smaller home, there are ways to make the most of your space. You can store your seasonal clothing and decorations in storage, utilize awkward spaces, and go vertical to declutter your home and make it feel bigger. Even if your home has no more bedrooms or storage spaces, there are ways to add more space.


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