Best ways to customize your iPhone

7 Best ways to customize your iPhone

Apple is a company that specializes in making its customers happy by producing high-quality products that are customized, efficient, and easy to use. iPhones are their latest products that have won many people due to their outstanding performance and design. You can take your phone anywhere you want, and no one would be able to tell it is a modified iPhone as the exterior design remains untouched.

1. Make it water resistant

Many have had the unfortunate experience of dropping their phones in water. However, you can prevent that by using a waterproof iPhone case, also known as an underwater iPhone case. It has been rated one of the best cases in the market because it is protective and lightweight.

2. Use the TouchID

TouchID allows you to unlock your device with the touch of your finger. It is more secure than the technique of typing in a password every time you want to access your phone. To enable this feature, click the Settings app and select TouchID & Passcode.

3. Apply a screen protector

A screen protector helps make sure that your device stays looking good while it protects its screen from scratches, smudges, and cracks. The best part is that they are very affordable and easy to apply. A good quality screen protector can be bought for as low as $9 without compromising durability or clarity.

4. Customize an artistic case

Cases come in different varieties and styles, allowing you to change how your phone looks and feels . Today’s cases are not only an extra layer of protection to your phone but also a kind of self-expression. Many interesting brands in the market allow you to customize your exclusive cases. GEARART is one such case brand that’s super popular for its creative customization, wide range of colors, and high quality. With global artists involved, they allow you not only to pick the color of your phone case but also to customize it as you wish. You are free to choose the picture, text, style, and other elements that define your preferences, and GEARART designers craft a picture-perfect phone cover for you according to the information you provided. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

5. Change your wallpaper

Your new iPhone has blank space on the wall behind its home screen where you can place whatever image you want. If you have an iPhone with a retina display, you can add your favorite photo to the background by either using one of the images that come with your phone or one of your own. With iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you can also choose from various colors and styles for wallpapers.

6. Get a wireless charger

A wireless charger is one of the best ways to charge your phone wirelessly. It is also one of the most popular additions to people’s homes as they tend to lose their phone cords. Many wireless chargers range in price, style, and output volume if you have an older device.

7. Apply a screen protector

A screen protector will protect your device against scratches and smudges and prevent display deterioration. It is also one of the cheapest ways to help your device stay mobile while it is being charged.

iPhones have been known to last longer than other phones due to their high-quality construction. If you would like to enjoy your new device for many years, it is best to get a good case and start customizing it with the above tips. They are some of the best ways that you can use to keep your device looking new and working well.


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