Ron Puma (Caravan Palace) Releases Debut Electro-Funk/Hip-Hop EP, ‘Rocktacular’



Ron Puma (Caravan Palace) Releases Debut Electro-Funk/Hip-Hop EP, 'Rocktacular'

Composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Antoine Toustou continues expanding his musical portfolio with his newfound alias: Ron Puma . Best known for his work in the Parisian electronic dance music band Caravan Palace and as half of Alligatorz , a Latin-inspired electronic baile funk duo, Toustou cranks out his first project as a solo artist, Rocktacular EP . The five-tracker features a blend of 80s funk and modern hip-hop doused in a dash of the French Touch sound that shaped his teenage years. The Rocktacular EP is out now across all streaming platforms.


Before diving into the Ron Puma project, Antoine Toustou lent his charismatic musicality to viral electronic band Caravan Palace , where he doubled as the band’s DJ and dazzled audiences worldwide with his tremendous trombone-playing skills and electronic sequences. During his time with the band, he began working on his solo side project, Ron Puma, where he gave himself the freedom to explore other elements on the eclectic instrument-led electronic music spectrum, including funk, samba, and Latin pop, as well as the old and new school hip-hop elements. In 2021, he teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator DJ Greem – best known from turntabling megagroup C2C – to create Alligatorz , an electronic duo that championed various aspects of Latin American music, including bossa nova, baile funk, and samba. The duo became known for their uplifting and happy-go-lucky melodies that feature catchy toplines in Portuguese. Toustou finally decided to highlight his solo work as Ron Puma with his latest venture, the Rocktacular EP .

Rocktacular features many sonic elements that fans have come to know and love from the French musician, in tandem with fresh, new experimental sounds that are exclusive to Ron Puma. The five-track EP depicts the story of Rocktacular, a werewolf that is torn between his love for his grandpa’s – the werewolf featured in Michael Jackson’s legendary “Thriller” video – music, 80s funk, and more modern, chart-topping hip-hop tunes from artists such as Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky. The result is an updated take on the French Touch genre, the music that he grew up listening to during his teenage years.

Ron Puma (Caravan Palace) Releases Debut Electro-Funk/Hip-Hop EP, 'Rocktacular'

Kicking off with “ ALIVE ,” a catchy, head-bopping jam, Rocktacular seamlessly blends French house, funk, and disco elements with hip-hop riffs throughout its entirety. To enhance the release, Ron Puma recruited popular Buffalo-based design studio, Daikon Studio to illustrate the music video for the EP’s lead single. The result further develops the story in a Metaverse of our music-loving werewolf protagonist and gives the track a trash-glam dystopian feel in a world where Paris succumbs to a vanity-driven bonfire.

Ron Puma (Caravan Palace) Releases Debut Electro-Funk/Hip-Hop EP, 'Rocktacular'

ABOUT RON PUMA – Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and ex-member of Caravan Palace, the Parisian electronic dance music band with over a billion views on YouTube and known for their wild shows (Coachella, Glastonbury…). After several years in Brazil, Ron Puma launched Alligatorz, a new music project with Latin-American influences. Alongside his partner DJ Greem (C2C, Hocus Pocus), he mixes bossa-nova, samba, baile-funk with emblematic electronic and hip-hop beats. On the side, he continues to produce electronic dance music and has created a new persona in the metaverse with his new EP, Rocktacular, which tells the tale of the grandchild of the werewolf in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, torn between his love for his grandpa’s music – 80’s funk – and that of more modern mainstream hip-hop artists.


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